FOR U.S. VETERANS ONLY: The FREE unlocked version of the Feed Your Happy app
Why this is so important
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Point #1: We Have Been Losing 22 Veterans Each Day to Suicide
The tragedy that doesn't have to be. Don't fall victim to an unhealthy mindset. Trust those who have come back from the brink. There is hope.
Point #2: You Can Reverse The Downward Spiral
You have way more power than you likely ever imagined. Recent science shows the power in taking a skills-based approach to creating the life you desire.
Point #3: The Process For Enjoying a Satisfying, Fulfilling Life is Simpler Than You Think
I spent more than a decade of my life spinning my wheels chasing emptiness. I was shocked where I actually found fulfillment.

Our gift to you
Get the full, unlocked version of the Feed Your Happy app (gamified positive psychology) for free when you are verified as a U.S. Veteran.
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